KISS’ Paul Stanley Names The Guitarist That Changed His Life

Rockers have their own ‘rock heroes,’ and KISS‘ Paul Stanley also has a guitar idol who changed his life. The rocker answered Tracii Guns’ questions in this year’s KISS Kruise and named his role model in the industry Jimmy Page. The singer also refused to compare him to any other guitar player, including Eric Clapton.

Stanley respects all veteran rockers, but Led Zeppelin’s iconic guitarist Jimmy Page is the musician he admires most. The frontman discussed that Page wasn’t only a guitarist but was also a painter. He remarked that Jimmy wouldn’t just play but paint with his sound.

“The guy who I respect the most and had the most impact on me is Jimmy Page,” disclosed Stanley as he discussed Jimmy’s musical talent. “Jimmy’s Beethoven. Jimmy is so far beyond… When people say, ‘Oh, all respect to a lot of other hotshot guitar players,’ they’re guitar players. Jimmy Page is a brilliant cinematographer; he’s a brilliant arranger. He paints with sound.”

“There are lots of guys… They say, ‘Well, who’s better: [Eric] Clapton or…?’ Jimmy Page is in a class totally by himself,” said the rocker as he refused to compare Page to Clapton due to the former’s unmistakable style. “There are loads of great guitar players, but he’s so far beyond that. Plus, it’s amazing, ’cause I was a 17-year-old kid seeing them in 1969, and it was life-changing — it changed my life.”

The musician continued, “I couldn’t believe how great they were. To be at this point in my life where I go out to dinner with Jimmy, or Jimmy sends me texts or says to me about KISS, he goes, ‘You guys are a serious, kick-ass rock and roll band.’ Well, it doesn’t get better than that.”

Paul Stanley’s fascination with Jimmy Page’s guitar riffs and stage shows started when he was a teenager. As a successful rocker, he is still amazed by Jimmy and refuses to compare him to Eric Clapton or the other legendary guitarists. For Stanley, Jimmy’s musical talent is unique.


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