Keith Richards: “I hope we’ll have some material recorded by the end of the year”

Matt Wilkinson is joined by Keith Richards for The Rolling Stones: 60th Anniversary Special on Apple Music 1. Matt and Keith concentrate on incarceration, collaborating with Mick Jagger in Jamaica, and releasing new music. Keith Richards on his incarceration. The Scrubs [Wormwood Scrubs] is, like, you had to be there, you know? To truly comprehend it. It was a strange experience, but I’ve been in quite a few jails over the years, and they’re all generally pleasant once you get out.

Keith Richard on working in Jamaica with Mick. Yes, we did, and I imagine that once this tour is over, we’ll take a break, but then we’ll pick up in Jamaica where we left off. There are some wonderful things there. It was entertaining. There is a town named Port Maria somewhere in the Blue Mountains. We acted like hermits, we didn’t leave the house, we just worked, but we’ll probably pick that back up later in the year. Keith Richards on the release of fresh music. I could not predict what sorts of issues will emerge. I hope that we will have recorded some material by the end of the year, and then, I don’t know, stream it? I do not know. In any case, I just create the information, and then we determine how it turns out, correct? That is my occupation.

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