Keith Richards Celebrates ‘Being Another Year Older’

Keith Richards celebrated his 79th birthday on December 18. Theodora Richards, the daughter of the icon who spent 60 of these 79 years on the music scene, celebrated her father’s birthday and the anniversary of his marriage to her mother with a post she shared on Instagram. The post featured their wedding photo and its retaken version 39 years later.

“A jubilee happened yesterday,” she wrote in the post’s caption. “My parents had a party where we celebrated my dad being another year older and that my parents have been married for 39 years (really, it’s 43 years of togetherness, but we’ll go off the legitimacy of their 1983 Cabo wedding). I am so proud of this family.”

Theodora added, “We’ve been through a lot, but the love is so strong and powerful that it carries us forever forward on a cloud of compassion and courage. I love you, mom and dad. You guys are my inspiration. And happiest birthday, dear Daddio.”

As the Rolling Stones icon just celebrated its birthday, let us share an anecdote. Many believe that Keith Richards is immortal. In fact, they are not that wrong in their beliefs. The legendary guitarist cheated death many times. The Stones member started his life by surviving a bombing when he was just born, and this was not the end. He experienced strychnine poisoning in his younger years, and no, this wasn’t the last either.

He also survived being burned to death by a cigarette he had forgotten in bed. He later survived a fire once again. And as you can imagine, during 60 years spent rocking the stage, he experienced many more stage incidents, large and small. On top of that, as you know, as a Stones member, he spent his life partying in the wildest way and survived those wild parties, too. Perhaps that is the most substantial proof that he is immortal. So yes, he has cheated death, and the 79-year-old musician still looks pretty fresh.

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