Katy Perry asserts that her daughter Daisy shares her and Orlando Bloom’s passion for the stage: “She is a Ham,”

The singer said of her daughter Daisy at the launch of her non-alcoholic beverage line De Soi, “She’s not very shy.”  Daisy, the daughter of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, shares her parents’ appreciation for the arts. “She’s a ham,” the singer says exclusively to PEOPLE at the Los Angeles launch party for her non-alcoholic beverage line, De Soi, which she co-founded. “She enjoys dressing up. She is not very timid.”

In August of 2020, the American Idol judge and her 45-year-old actor fiance welcomed their first child, Daisy Dove. Bloom is also the father of 11-year-old son Flynn from a previous marriage to Miranda Kerr. The 37-year-old believes that she may soon have a little backup dancer on her hands. Perry says, “She adores ballet.” “She attends tutu school and adores it. It is all very cute.” Never miss a story — subscribe to PEOPLE’s free daily newsletter to stay up-to-date on the best celebrity news and human interest stories the magazine has to offer.

Although she has been a mother for nearly two years, the “I Kissed A Girl” singer is still astonished by how much the role has altered her life. Perry, who is also performing her PLAY residency at Resorts World in Las Vegas, says, “I’m just so blessed.” You never imagined there was such a capacity for love. The family of three recently returned from a one-month stay in New Castle, Kentucky, where Bloom filmed his latest thriller, Red Right Hand. The change of pace provided the musician with a new perspective on parenting and “normal” responsibilities. “I was just a mother living the country life,” says Perry. “Simply enjoying living in a small space. I’ve lived in the city so frequently. Learning how to behave normally is beneficial. Walmart is the best option for grocery shopping. Just accept life as it comes.”

As she prepares for her daughter’s upcoming birthday celebration, the private mother is busy popping bottles for her other new baby: De Soi, a sparkling, calorie-conscious, non-alcoholic cocktail. Invented during the COVID-19 pandemic during her pregnancy with Daisy, the three flavors are an elegant, mind- and body-enhancing alternative. Perry and his business partner Morgan McLachlan explain, “We still enjoy cocktails, but not as much Monday through Thursday because our wake-up time is 5 to 7 a.m. and there’s just so much going on.” “It means pleasure with moderation,” McLachlan explains of the drink’s moniker. We have an incredible team, and that has been a truly remarkable accomplishment.

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