Justin Hawkins Thinks Josh Freese Joining Foo Fighters Was ‘Bittersweet’

The Darkness singer Justin Hawkins recently shared his thoughts on Foo Fighters‘ new drummer, Josh Freese, on an episode of his YouTube series. He said:

“Josh Freese, of course, is the drummer that was playing with myself and Dave Grohl and Wolfgang Van Halen at the Taylor Hawkins tribute show. He’s amazing. I mean, he can do all that stuff, he knows all the songs off by heart, he’s got an amazing groove, he’s powerful, he looks awesome full head of hair, muscly arms, beautiful face, lovely man.”

Hawkins also spoke about the details of his experience playing with Freese during the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert and shared that although it was the right decision, it was also ‘bittersweet.’ He said:

“The thing to remember is he was in Nine Inch Nails for a long time, and in order to be the drummer of Nine Inch Nails, you must be great. That’s the only thing you need to have is just greatness, and he’s got that. This is a brilliant appointment under, you know, it’s bittersweet obviously because we’d all prefer it if Taylor Hawkins was still alive, but in the absence of Taylor Hawkins, Josh Freese is a good call that’s a good call.”

As the Foo Fighters geared up to hit the road again, fans anxiously waited to hear who would step into the Taylor Hawkins role. During the band’s recent ‘Preparing Music for Concerts’ live stream, the Foo Fighters introduced their new drummer, Nine Inch Nails‘ Josh Freese.

With Foo Fighters’ album ‘But Here We Are’ set to release on June 2, anticipation is building among fans. This emotional tribute to their late drummer, Hawkins, also marks the band’s first body of work since his passing and introduces their new drummer, Freese.

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