Julian Lennon Admits Freaking Out About Paul McCartney’s John Lennon Tribute

Julian Lennon‘s relationship with his father, John Lennon, was always complicated. Since Julian has been trying to heal from old wounds, it might not always be a pleasant surprise to come across his father’s image. While chatting with BBC Radio Scotland’s Billy Sloan, Lennon addressed Paul McCartney‘s tribute to John and opened up about why the show freaked him out.

Paul McCartney’s performance at the Glastonbury Festival in June 2022 received critical acclaim, as the 80-year-old singer performed in a magical atmosphere for two hours. The rocker sang the old Beatles tracks, and while performing ‘I’ve Got A Feeling,’ McCartney had a special guest, no one other than John Lennon.

Of course, Lennon didn’t actually perform at the show. The footage of him singing, ‘I’ve Got A Feeling,’ during the Beatles’ rooftop concert in 1969 was projected. It was a pleasant surprise for the audience as McCartney paid tribute to his bandmate. Julian, however, wasn’t very pleased about that.

“No, initially no,” Lennon answered while discussing if he had enjoyed the tribute. “I didn’t like it at all. It just freaked me out. It just didn’t feel like the right thing at that particular time that I saw it.”

“I just went, ‘This doesn’t feel comfortable,’” the singer recalled, adding that he did enjoy it later. “I didn’t feel comfortable watching it. But after finding myself in a different headspace, I watched it again. And I really did get it. I understood it and loved it. I really appreciated what was going on there. From that point, it was magical that he [McCartney] did that. It was really, really special.”

At first, his father’s image appearing on the stage wasn’t a pleasant surprise for Julian. However, after thinking about it and grasping how touching it was for Paul to feature John during his performance, Lennon appreciated McCartney for his late father’s unique appearance.


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