Jon Bon Jovi Shares His Success Strategy

Jon Bon Jovi, the lead singer of Bon Jovi, recently gave an interview to Haute Living in which he discussed the strategies that have contributed to his success in all of his endeavors. Jon Bon Jovi is not only a renowned singer, songwriter, and guitarist, but also an actor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur who owns the wine brand Hampton Water. Together with his son, Jesse Bongiovi, and renowned French winemaker Gérard Bertrand, he entered the wine industry. While Jesse Bongiovi and Ali Thomas spent time with Jon Bon Jovi in the Hamptons, the singer offered them rosé wine, which he referred to as “pink juice.” However, Jesse and Ali referred to the wine as “Hampton water” and joked that the musician had to refer to it as such if he wanted to drink with them.

After some laughter, they looked at one another and considered entering the wine business. Ali and Jesse completed their senior year and then began research. With Jovi’s assistance, their business grew, and since 2018, Hampton Water has been the highest-rated rosé wine. Jovi revealed in a recent interview with Haute Living that he employed the same strategy for success in the wine industry as he did in his music career. The singer stated that work ethic is of utmost importance, and that to achieve one’s goals, one must believe in them and work tirelessly. In the interview, Haute Living posed the following questions to Jon Bon Jovi: “Did you employ the same approach to achieving success with Hampton Water as you have throughout your musical career? How, then?”

Jovi answered:  It has always been about work ethic for me. I am convinced that if you work hard and believe in what you’re doing, you can accomplish your goals. We anticipated that when we conceived the idea for Hampton Water, it would be completely novel.  I also knew we would have a chance at success if we took the time to make it the best it could be and were not afraid to work extremely hard. We have a long way to go, but similar to the music industry, we have collaborated with the best and produced a product that we believe people enjoy.” According to Jovi, even though it was new to them, they took the time to create the best wine brand. Moreover, they labored diligently to achieve success, and he believes they have a long way to go to ensure they remain at the top.

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