Johnny Hallyday profoundly regretted this Laeticia-recommended procedure

Johnny Hallyday remains to be intriguing even five years after his disappearance. If anyone was unaware, the rocker had also answered the scalpel’s call. However, it ultimately wrecked one of his concerts. Johnny Hallyday is a legendary figure. Even though he is no longer with us, anecdotes continue to be shared daily. What is always discovered about the individual dubbed the youth’s idol? A few days ago, his ex-girlfriend Nathalie Baye, with whom he had maintained a close relationship, disclosed information concerning the end of his life. “His final years were marked by profound unhappiness. He spent the entire day alone in his office with the television on. I had never seen him so miserable before. He resembled the walking dead. It saddened me to see Laura’s father in this condition,’ she told France Sunday.

On the occasion of the broadcast of the Netflix documentary series Johnny by Johnny, relics of the past and incidents that some devotees did not know or did not necessarily recall were brought to light. This is the instance of his 1996 Nevada concert, which turned tragic due to a cosmetic surgery procedure. Fatal labial injections. The classical dancer-turned-rocker was about to exact retribution after being forced to cancel a Las Vegas date due to stress-induced angina, whereas Jade and Joy’s father had the opposite experience. Indeed, Laeticia Hallyday, whom he had just married a few months previously, would have suggested that he have botox used to augment the size of his lips. “The outcome is disastrous. In the book Laeticia:

the true story, Laurence Pieau and Francois Vignolle reveal that the adolescent idol inherited a duck mouth. The vocalist was unable to perform adequately when under the influence of cortisone and was even jeered by the audience. Johnny Hallyday attempted to conceal the devastation wrought by these injections by donning a mustache that remained on his face forever… A connection with the scalpel that consequently ended poorly.

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