John Lennon’s Julian Recalls Receiving His Father’s Message From Afterlife

John Lennon used his music as a vessel to convey a message and make the world a better place. Although he passed away, this message continues to resonate. According to his last interview with Kevin Nealon, Julian Lennon revealed he wanted to do something in line with this message and established the White Feather Foundation for this purpose. As for the story behind it, it is really striking.

“Dad said to me,” Julian Lennon recalled, “I couldn’t tell you exactly when or where, but he told me that if something ever happened to him, to let me know that he would be okay or that we were all going to be okay [he would send a message] in the form of a white feather.”

He continued, “And then during 1993, 1994 or 1995, I was on tour in Australia with my only number one single, ‘Saltwater,’ environmental, humanitarian. I was in Adelaide, and I got a call from the hotel management saying, ‘Mr. Lennon, please come down to the lobby. There’s an Aboriginal tribe down here with a bunch of film crews. After dad had said, ‘If something happens to me one way or another, I’ll let you know if I’m going to be all right or we’re all going to be all right with a white feather.’”

The message he believed his father had sent him actually came in the form of a ‘white feather.’ Julian revealed, “So I’m in the lobby of the hotel in Adelaide. There’s this tribe called the Morning tribe. They’ve been kicked off their land. All kinds of nasty things happened to them. And the elder, who’s this lady, walked up to me in the middle of the semicircle, a circle with a few news crews around, and she presented a male swan’s white feather to me and said, ‘You have a voice. Can you help us?’”

White Feather Foundation is a nonprofit charity organization active in environmental and humanitarian issues. They work to support clean water, improve the conditions of education and health all over the world, as well as to deal with environmental problems, and the preservation of indigenous cultures.

Founded by Julian Lennon in 2007, WFF was awarded the ‘Better World Environmental Award’ by Prince Albert II of Monaco in 2008. Most recently, Julian Lennon received the Peace Award for his work with this foundation in 2020. So, Julian has ‘imagined’ a better world following his father’s footsteps and is trying to do his bit to make it happen.

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