John Lennon’s Fear About Leaving The Beatles

Oh, John Lennon. The man who left the Beatles to sail away into a solo career to promote peace and love, right? I mean, we all know the story and how it went. As much as John wanted to ensure peace in the world and share this message through the Beatles’ harmonic tunes, in the last years of the band, the bandmates lost personal harmony.

So, with the deteriorating dynamics between your lovely Beatles, George Harrison beat his former pal John to departing the band first. And as Harrison quietly but surely walked out of a recording session to not turn back, perhaps Lennon was also considering doing the same.

When the rocker eventually left the band, though, it seemed like being a Beatle, working with his bandmates, and the luxury of being a rockstar made Lennon have doubts about his life and career. So, he had fears about departing the band, and these fears would chain him to the Beatles’ name.

Do you ever wonder why rock stars have such great egos? The answer might be quite apparent as many rockers have so much money to feed their egos, and excessive publicity might convince anyone to think they are better than common people. So, Lennon was just another typical rock star who thought of himself as a king and feared leaving his luxurious Beatles palace.

So, you see, departing the band and renouncing his throne as a Beatle wasn’t easy, and soon, people started to blame his beloved Yoko Ono for his decision. However, in 1980, only weeks before his assassination, Lennon decided to give a piece of mind to anyone who doubted his decision to leave the Beatles and faulted Ono for drifting John away from the band while chatting with Newsweek in 1980.

“I was always waiting for a reason to get out of the Beatles from the day I filmed ‘How I Won The War,’” confessed Lennon before revealing why he couldn’t leave his band for so long. “I just didn’t have the guts to do it. The seed was planted when the Beatles stopped touring, and I couldn’t deal with not being onstage. But I was too frightened to step out of the palace. That’s what killed Presley.”

John believed that being a Beatle had become a problem. The rocker said, “The king is always killed by his courtiers. He is overfed, overindulged, overdrunk to keep him tied to his throne. Most people in the position never wake up. Yoko showed me what it was to be Elvis Beatle and to be surrounded by sycophant slaves only interested in keeping the situation as it was, a kind of death.”

The late musician was fed up with enjoying his throne and being overfed, so he decided to wake up once and for all, and Yoko Ono was the one who showed him the way. John argued, “And that’s how the Beatles ended, not because she ‘split’ the Beatles, but because she said to me, ‘You’ve got no clothes on.’”

Well, Lennon initially feared leaving the Beatles because he didn’t want to leave his throne and palace behind. However, being a king wasn’t always fun, and Yoko had been the one who showed him that reality wasn’t what it seemed. So, eventually, departing the band was all Lennon’s decision.

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