John Deacon’s Admittance Regarding Freddie Mercury and Brian May’s Role in Queen

When people hear the word “Queen,” two things typically come to mind: Queen Elizabeth II and the legendary rock band Queen, which has left its mark on rock history. Queen’s lineup consisted of talented musicians, including lead vocalist Freddie Mercury, guitarist Brian May, bassist John Deacon, and drummer Roger Taylor, whose diverse styles produced a unique and cohesive sound. This legendary lineup composed, recorded, and performed some of the most popular rock songs in the world. Even though each band member had a unique and unforgettable story about how they met and joined Queen, John Deacon’s account was particularly intriguing. Therefore, let’s learn more about why he was selected for the band. Why did Freddie Mercury and Brian May decide to hire John Deacon?

Before deciding to hire John Deacon as their new bassist, the members of Queen performed with several other bassists to evaluate their options. One of them was Mike Grose, a friend of Roger Taylor’s who only played two live shows with Queen in 1970 before deciding to leave. Barry Mitchell replaced Grose, but suffered the same fate, and Doug Bogie was another bassist who was unable to remain in the band. Deacon emphasized in his early 2022 conversation with Music Radar that Brian May and Freddie Mercury attempted to collaborate with a variety of artists over the years. According to the bassist, personal and creative differences were the primary cause of their brief careers in the band.

John Deacon stated that he never intended to steal the spotlight from the guitarist and lead singer, but merely wanted to be a member of the band. Deacon stayed out of the limelight so as not to steal the spotlight from Mercury and May, whose styles and musical ability were impossible to imitate. Fans and critics have without a doubt always admired his performance and hard work. Here are Deacon’s exact words:

“They tried several others prior to me, but their personalities clashed, and I had no chance of outshining Brian or Freddie.” After completing their lineup, Queen focused on their debut album. The self-titled studio debut album was released on July 13, 1973, and the songs ‘Keep Yourself Alive,’ ‘Doing All Right,’ ‘Great King Rat,’ and ‘My Fairy King’ received critical acclaim. Deacon demonstrated, along with his bandmates, to be an exceptional musician.

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