John Corabi’s Supposed Revenge Against Tommy Lee and Motley Crüe

John Corabi, a former member of Motley Crüe, recently gave an interview to Chuck Shute in which he recalled taking vengeance on Motley Crüe and Tommy Lee.  After Vince Neil left Motley Crüe in 1992, Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee determined that John Corabi would make a significant contribution to the band. At the time, the two believed that Corabi was a vocalist capable of singing anything, so they decided to hire him as the Crüe’s new lead singer.  However, things did not go as they had planned. The albums that Motley Crüe recorded with John Corabi were less successful than their previous work, and fans demanded the return of Vince Neil. Therefore, Corabi decided to depart until Neil’s return.

After Corabi’s departure, Nikki Sixx made inflammatory comments about Corabi’s contributions to the Crüe, sparking a feud.  The musician encountered his former bandmates multiple times and even exacted revenge once. In an interview with Chuck Shute, John Corabi recalled the time when he allegedly exacted “revenge” on the band. According to the singer, this incident occurred in 2006 when he attended Crüe’s concert at the Hollywood Bowl with Neil during the Route Of All Evil Tour.

Corabi reported that he entered Tommy Lee’s dressing room, where he was asked about his thoughts on the performance. Although he was anxious, John stated that he told Lee that the band appeared to have telegraphed their performance and that Aerosmith performed much better than them, despite being in their 70s. As stated by the singer, he meant what he said and maintains the same beliefs.  John Corabi recalled that day as follows:

“When I entered Tommy’s dressing room, he gave me a hug. He asked, “What did you think?” and my response was, “Uhh.” And he asked, “Man, honestly, what did you think?” and I was hesitant to say it, but I said, “Listen, man, you had flamethrowers, midgets, and all this other stuff, but it seemed like you guys just phoned it in.”  I also looked around the audience and noticed that people were literally getting up to purchase a beer. It was a strange night. I told him, “I believe you guys cheated, and a group of 70-year-olds just walked on stage and handed you guys your asses on a platter.”  He then proceeded:  “I still hold to that today. Aerosmith entered the stage with only a row of amplifiers; they had no pyrotechnics and only lights. And the men were incredible; they were kicking a**. So, when he asked, I responded.”  The remainder of the interview can be viewed below.

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