Joe Ely recalls how Bruce Springsteen came to sing background vocals on “All Just To Get To You”

In a recent interview with Guitar Player, Joe Ely discussed singing background vocals for Bruce Springsteen’s “All Just to Get to You.” Joe Ely possesses a skill that the majority of artists desperately need to acquire. He can turn a short story with a setting and background into a three-minute emotional song. His approach for “All Just to Get to You” was identical. Will Sexton and Ely co-wrote “All Just to Get to You” for Ely’s 1995 album “Letter to Laredo.” Bruce Springsteen participated in the studio recording of both ‘All Just to Get to You’ and ‘I’m a Thousand Miles from Home’ Springsteen provided backing vocals for both of these songs, which appear on Ely’s ‘Letter To Laredo’ album.

Joe Ely recently explained the origins of “All Just to Get to You.” He stated that “All Just to Get to You” features Bruce Springsteen’s backing vocals and added that their voices blend well in this song. Ely asserted that Springsteen was an enjoyable companion and a talented storyteller. When writing ‘All Just to Get to You,’ Ely believed the song would take the listener on a journey and make them care about what would happen at the end. Joe Ely describes Bruce Springsteen’s backing vocals on “All Just to Get to You” as follows:

“Bruce Springsteen provides backing vocals on this, and I enjoy how well our voices blend in those sections. This was the beginning of my long friendship with him; he had invited me to participate in a charity event. I enjoy his style of painting characters and their backgrounds, and he’s a fun guy to hang out with. He is a master storyteller. We began to perform numerous shows together. I enjoy collaborating with others and observing how they interpret and develop a song. I’ve been going through old boxes of notes from the road and discovering snippets of songs – the very first things I’d written for them when they were just beginning to take shape. It has been thrilling.

I recall writing this song and believing that it took the listener on an adventure. I like to find a way to engage the audience, make them wonder where the story will go, and perhaps even surprise them with the outcome. Songs are multidimensional; they allow you to travel back and forth through time.” Below, you can listen to “All Just to Get to You.”

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