Jimi Hendrix’s Guilty Pleasure That Endangered People’s Lives

The majority of musicians have distinctive personalities and diverse perspectives on life and people. These characteristics contribute significantly to the art they produce. However, standing out is frequently viewed as eccentric and odd, and those who do so often become outsiders, which can be painful. Despite their success, the musicians continue to struggle for survival in the industry. As being exposed to the music industry’s stressful environment of constant competition can be extremely taxing, many artists have sought refuge in their hobbies. Roger Daltrey’s trout farming, Courtney Love’s dolls, Charlie Watts’ car collection, and Alice Cooper’s golfing are examples of fascinating hobbies. Let’s find out about Jimi Hendrix’s most dangerous hobby.

Jimi Hendrix’s risky pastime. Longtime and devoted Jimi Hendrix fans, as well as those closest to him, were aware that he lived on the edge until his last breath. As with his lifestyle, Hendrix’s guitar playing was edgy, unique, and risky, which could either result in commercial success and international renown or failure. The Jimi Hendrix Experience and his solo work earned him critical acclaim and established him as one of the best guitarists. Nonetheless, sadly, his extraordinary talent and subsequent success fueled his drug and alcohol addiction, causing severe relationship issues due to his violent behavior while under the influence. In addition to his substance abuse, he also indulged in a dangerous guilty pleasure.

Kelley Marks of Spiditty reports that the legendary guitarist was fond of expensive concept cars such as the Corvette Stingray, six of which he owned. Despite not having a driver’s license, Hendrix’s hobby was unquestionably racing automobiles. Hendrix was unstoppable, and he enjoyed using them, but his poor eyesight probably caused problems for the guitarist who refused to wear glasses. Thankfully, his fast driving hobby did not harm him or anyone else, as was the case with several rock musicians.

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