James Hetfield of Metallica has filed for divorce from his wife Francesca

Recently, TMZ reported that Metallica’s lead singer James Hetfield filed for divorce from his wife of twenty-five years, Francesca Hetfield. James Hetfield married Francesca Tomasi in 1997; she was the band’s costume designer at the time. Hetfield praised his relationship with his wife at every available opportunity. The singer stated that his wife was instrumental in helping him become a more mature man and manage his anger issues. It is also known that the musician’s wife has always been an ardent supporter of his fight against alcohol. Cali Tee, Castor Virgil, and Marcella Francesca are the names of their three children. They currently reside in Vail, Colorado, Francesca’s birthplace. Despite having spent so many years together, it appears they have been unable to resolve their issues this time.

TMZ reports that the couple, who have been married for over two decades, have decided to divorce. This year, TMZ learned from sources close to the couple that James Hetfield filed for divorce against Francesca Hetfield. However, the news of their separation has never previously been reported in the media. Since they have children together, the couple has maintained contact despite no longer living together.

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