In order to sing the Beatles song, John Lennon shredded his vocal cords

No matter how talented a vocalist is, certain songs may cause them difficulty and even health problems. Especially when you must scream at the top of your lungs, as is typically the case with heavy metal bands, it is inevitable that you will eventually injure your throat or vocal cords. However, sometimes an artist can shred their vocal cords without being a heavy metal singer. When attempting to sing a Beatles song, John Lennon once injured his vocal chords. John Lennon is the frontman of one of the bands whose music induces a relatively calm and joyful mood in the audience.

Which Beatles song caused John Lennon’s vocal cords to be damaged? John Lennon’s raspy singing voice, which expressed a wide range of emotions, made him one of the most iconic voices in the history of music. Rolling Stone ranked Lennon fifth among the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time, despite his vocal insecurity. In addition to using his voice to convey sincere emotions, Lennon also screamed his feelings in certain songs. In one of the band’s songs, John Lennon shredded his vocal cords due to these screams. This song, titled ‘Twist And Shout,’ appeared on the Beatles album ‘Please Please Me’ from 1963. The band used the Isley Brothers’ rendition of the song as a model, and Lennon struggled to sing it. Nik Cohn, a British music critic, claims that John Lennon ruptured himself while singing “Twist and Shout.”

In ‘The Beatles: Paperback Writer,’ Nik Cohn said the following about John Lennon’s singing: “On ‘Twist And Shout,’ he would rant himself into total incoherence, to the point of self-rupture.” In addition, Barry Miles, Lennon’s biographer, argued that Lennon shredded his vocal cords while performing “Twist and Shout” for the sake of rock and roll. Lennon had also expressed his inability to sing the song, stating that he could only scream it. When the Beatles recorded “Twist and Shout,” John Lennon had a cold and was close to quitting. Ultimately, he believed he could have sung it better and acknowledged that he sounds like a ‘frantic guy trying his best.’

In ‘The Beatles Diary Volume 1: The Beatles Years,’ he chronicles the early years of the band. Barry Miles remarked as follows: In the interest of rock ‘n’ roll, Lennon simply shredded his vocal cords. John Lennon also acknowledged his inability to sing the song. “I couldn’t sing a note; all I could do was scream.” Lennon also expressed regret for his performance and stated: “I am able to sing better than that, but it no longer bothers me. You can hear that I’m a frantic individual trying my best.” The Beatles’ rendition of “Twist and Shout” can be heard below.

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