In his final action film, Jean-Claude Van Damme will battle opponents from the past

According to Deadline, Jean-Claude Van Damme will appear in What’s My Name?, a new action film that will be the actor’s last in the genre. What’s My Name? will feature Jean-Claude Van Damme as himself, drawing from his personal and professional life. After a serious car accident leaves Van Damme in a coma, he awakens with amnesia and is unrecognizable to everyone, including himself. “Through a series of fights against iconic fighters from his legendary career, Van Damme embarks on a search for his identity and life’s purpose. “This leads him to one final match,” reads the description of Deadline. The film will be directed by Jeremy Zag and written by Nick Vallelonga and Paul Sloane based on a story by Van Damme. In a statement, Jean-Claude Van Damme said:

I desired to leave the stage with a retrospective of my career, beginning with Bloodsport, the film in which I first became famous. I want this to be an improved version of Bloodsport. In the film, my career is on the decline, and as I leave the premiere of another action film, I am unhappy because I have lived in hotels for the past 30 years, which is true. We will include elements from my actual life and what has happened to me. I traveled all the way from Belgium to Hollywood. I achieved success, failed, and returned. So, after the premiere, I’m walking down the street when a car hits me because I’m drunk. When I regain consciousness after the impact, I do not know my name and no one recognizes me.

In addition to Jean-Claude Van Damme’s final action film, the film will feature rematches between Van Damme and his former on-screen adversaries. Nothing is confirmed, but Deadline reports that this will likely include Dolph Lundgren from Universal Soldier, Michel Qissi from Kickboxer, and Bolo Yeung from Double Impact. What’s My Name? is wholly financed by Cross Creek, whose Tyler Thompson produces alongside Jeremy Zag and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

What’s My Name? will film in Paris and will be a “real action mainstream movie where we treat JC as a real human super hero,” according to director Jeremy Zag. The actor is currently doing everything he can to get into fighting shape for the film, but after filming is complete, he intends to take it easy and travel the world. “I’ve purchased a small boat,” said Van Damme. “Not a large vessel, that’s not for me. But I want to travel the world and unwind. “I’ve been working for 30 years and living in hotels. How I got so far away from my family will be explained in detail in the film. After this, I want to unwind and enjoy my family and life, because life passes quickly.”

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