Idris Elba Wants ‘Suicide Squad’ to Fight Superman Anti-Hero Bloodsport: ‘It Needs to Happen’

Idris Elba teases that he may reprise his role as the DC Comics assassin Bloodshot.  “I’d love to tell the Superman story. There is no uncertainty,” Elba tells Variety. “Bloodsport versus Superman. It needs to take place.”  Bloodsport was sent to prison for putting Superman in the intensive care unit with a kryptonite bullet, a pivotal aspect of his character’s backstory alluded to in “The Suicide Squad.”  In “The Suicide Squad,” Bloodsport was one of the few Task Force X members to survive the battle against Starro. Bloodsport blackmailed Amanda Waller into releasing his team at the conclusion of the film, but his current location in the DC cinematic universe is unknown.  Elba was interviewed by Variety at the New York premiere of his new film “Beast,” in which he faces off against a dangerous lion. Following the death of their mother, Elba stars as Dr. Nate Samuels, a father who takes his two daughters on an African safari. Later, the family is hunted by an enraged lion bent on vengeance against the poachers who killed his pride.

“It’s a monster film, but it’s the anti-monster film,” writer Ryan Engle told Variety. “You have a unique circumstance in which the hero and the villain, the lion, share the same desire to protect their families. It’s a very cool symbiotic relationship in which they must compete for the same goal.” In the film, Iyana Halley, who portrays Elba’s older daughter, interpreted the lion’s behavior as a metaphor for the stages of grief. Halley told Variety, “I believe the lion symbolizes going through something crazy and traumatic.” “He acts as he does because of the poachers, so people can relate to the grieving part, as this is when things can become unpredictable.”  The Icelandic director Baltasar Kormákur felt it was crucial to demonstrate to the audience that the lion was not responsible for his actions.

Kormákur stated, “It is vital that we do not create a monster out of lions; they are not to blame.” “You cannot blame the tsunami for our destruction. There is an additional cause for the tsunami before.”  While “Beast” is being marketed as a survival thriller, producer Will Packer praised the film for shedding light on some pressing South African issues.  “It’s a man-versus-animal survival thriller, but at its core, it depicts a real problem,” Packer told Variety. “This beast was created by humans, as poachers separate these alpha males from their pride. Underneath the amusement of Idris Elba punching a lion, we see what happens when we don’t respect nature and properly treat our animals.”  Demand for the creature’s skin, claws, and teeth has kept lion poaching prevalent in Africa. Packer suggested that economics is the driving force behind illegal poaching.  It is an economic issue, said Packer. The poachers wouldn’t poach if nobody bought it, so this is the key.  Could a sequel featuring another enormous creature be in the works? “The lion is not Africa’s most dangerous animal. “I believe there are various types of threats in the world,” Elba said. “Have you encountered a hippopotamus? That’s definitely one of them.”

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