How Shawn Mendes’ Health And Fitness Regimen Almost Cost Him His Life

Shawn Mendes became obsessed with his physical appearance, forgoing sleep to exercise. Regarding our bodies, many individuals feel they must uphold a certain image, which is acceptable. In contrast, many individuals do not know where to draw the line between being healthy and self-sabotage. When a person is constantly in the public eye and puts pressure on themselves to always look their best, this becomes especially concerning. Sadly, this is the plight of a number of singers, including Shawn Mendes, who has recently been obsessed with appearing physically fit for the cameras. There is a significant distinction between desiring health, maintaining a healthy weight and physique, and being obsessed with always appearing fit.

Herein lies its unhealthiness. Unfortunately, Shawn Mendes, a singer and songwriter, has fallen victim to this destructive obsession. Mendes has reached his breaking point and postponed tour dates because of his mental health. In addition, Shawn has divulged some intimate details about his mental health struggles. This article examines the challenges Shawn has encountered in maintaining a specific physique and the steps he took to overcome his unhealthy reliance on his physical appearance. In 2020, Shawn Mendes opened up about his negative body image and how he altered his perspective. When it came to his workout routines, he was always concerned with staying in shape and performing strenuous strength training.

Mendes went to the gym five times per week to perform a combination of cardio and strength training. On the two days he did not exercise, he rested but still managed to remain active by engaging in other activities. Shawn admitted to always wanting to look good on camera for himself and his fans, as he believed that even though many of his fans liked him for his music, they also appreciated his muscular physique, which accompanied his singing. However, Shawn quickly realized that the stress he was putting himself under was becoming excessive. Mendes revealed that he once sacrificed sleep for workouts due to an unhealthy fixation on perfecting his physique. He believed that sacrificing a few hours of sleep to lift weights was a better investment. At the time, the 22-year-old pop star spoke openly about the unhealthy and dangerous habit, explaining that the pressure to be “the pinnacle of fitness” stemmed from the fear that he would lose fans if he wasn’t physically fit.

Mendes continued, “some days I would only get three hours of sleep because I would wake up two hours earlier just to exercise.” In the past year, Mendes realized that the “expectation to be hot” was unsustainable and dangerous. The singer revealed that he now has a more positive outlook on his body and fitness, and he credits meditating, journaling, and his then-girlfriend Camila Cabello with aiding in this transformation. Camila Cabello encourages Shawn Mendes to adopt a new perspective regarding his physical appearance. During the pandemic, Camila Cabello gained weight, which made her the target of internet trolls who body-shamed her. Camila did not allow this to affect her, and in response, she posted a TikTok video in which she expressed gratitude for her body and disdain for body-shaming.

Camila Cabello became more self-conscious about what she wore and how her body would be perceived as a result of the crude and asymmetrical markings. In a TikTok video, the ‘Senorita’ singer addressed the ongoing fat-shaming she was experiencing on the internet when she had a moment of clarity amidst all the negative comments about her body. In the video, the Crying in the Club singer described feeling self-conscious while running in a top that exposed her stomach, which she was not tucking in like a normal person. She continued on a positive note in the video, reminding herself and others that body hatred is “so last season.” Mendes was influenced by the manner in which his then-girlfriend Camila faced and dealt with media scrutiny of her body. The performer described Cabello as “so powerful, so clear, and so confident with her [body]”. Mendes added, “It radically altered my perspective on my life” and “It radically altered my life.”

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