How ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’ Almost Did Not Appear on the ‘Hysteria’ Album by Def Leppard

It is difficult to imagine Def Leppard’s monstrous 1980s album Hysteria without “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” but it almost wasn’t included. How the band’s biggest hit was added to the album at the last minute. During their interview with Essentials Radio on Apple Music Hits, Phil Collen and Joe Elliott discuss the 35th anniversary of Hysteria and their gratitude for the album’s success. Collin discloses, “The album concluded with “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” And we’d completed the records and the label, so everyone was asking, “When will it be released?” You are aware of how much cash…” Then, as he recalls, Elliott was “just goofing off” in the studio, and “Pour Some Sugar on Me” quickly emerged.

The guitarist remembers, “Mutt Lange observes Joe playing the acoustic guitar in the hallway. Moreover, he will [mumble/sing: “pour some sugar on me”] He asks, “What is that?” and responds, “Oh, I don’t know.”” Collen continued, “Then Mutt instructs Joe to “do that again” and Joe does so. Mutt then states, “We need to record this song.” This will be the most important song on the album,’ said Mutt, and he was correct.” Then, Collen discusses their influences during that era, citing Run DMC. The guitarist explains, “Mutt wanted to combine this rock element with a rap meter.” He goes on to add, “It sounds very much like a rap lyric. Thus, this was something we had never done before. Additionally, there are massive guitars and drums. However, the vocals are performed in a rock style despite being rap-inspired. The first time they heard it, people were attracted to it. Do you comprehend what I mean? And that was the brilliance of the Mutt situation.”

Elliott states that the group was “extremely impressed” by Aerosmith and Run-collaboration DMC’s on “Walk This Way.” The singer exclaims, “It was unbelievable.” “The thing about ‘Sugar’ is that, contrary to what they said about Mutt being open to these ideas, Phil is absolutely correct; I was simply fooling around with an acoustic guitar. Then he asked, “How does that go?” And he would program a drum machine with a synth base. Then he would smash some guitars, and we would sing the chorus. Then, begin operating in reverse. If you obtained the chorus first, you win.” According to Elliott, Def Leppard “had the confidence that their first eleven songs were perfect, but this twelfth song sealed the deal.”

Elliott concludes, “Extremely appreciative for the opportunity and lifestyle this album has afforded us…extremely appreciative for what it has given us. We put a great deal of effort into that album… Therefore, from this perspective, the celebration of it is the reward for the effort and inspiration that went into it. Since it has lasted this long, I believe it will continue to endure for a while longer.” “Pour Some Sugar on Me” was the third single from the Hysteria album, and it reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard.

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