How Oasis’ Noel Gallagher Offended David Gilmour With A Roger Waters Comment

When it comes to pissing someone off, there are a few rockers coming to mind. Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious, for instance, never shied away from annoying people with obnoxious antics, testing people to their limits to live up to his vicious reputation. There was even a time when the rocker cut his arm out of curiosity, and a hospital refused to treat him, reportedly due to his antics.

Jefferson Airplane’s legendary frontwoman, Grace Slick, is another honorary name we need to mention if we’re talking about ‘artists pissing people off’ since she’s never one to hold back when a good old slamming is in session, always having her fun when criticizing anything from the Woodstock festival to her beloved friend Joni Mitchell.

Last but not least, Roger Waters also has a nice body count when it comes to making controversial statements and annoying the hell out of David Gilmour, but for a change, it wasn’t Roger who pissed off Dave this time. Well, as you’re already aware from the title, it was none other than dear Noel Gallagher who offended the Pink Floyd icon when he made a few comments regarding ‘The Wall.’

Before we get into that, however, it’s also essential to mention that the Gallagher brothers are also one of the leading figures in pissing others off, not caring a bit when making a scene. So, this particular incident is pretty interesting as, believe it or not, Noel wasn’t trying to annoy Gilmour when the frontman got super pissed.

Moving onto the incident, there is no need to say when we’re discussing the origins of ‘The Wall,’ Waters was the leading figure in the studio sessions, being the creative leader of the record, as it went on to be considered among his magnum opuses. Although Gilmour contributed to the album greatly with impressive guitar riffs and vocals, it still didn’t change the fact that it was a mostly ‘Waters album.’

Noel also was a huge fan of ‘The Wall,’ as he discussed his favorite albums of all time with The Quietus in 2011 and remembered his early days as a teenager, listening to the record all day long in carefree days. Although he also liked the other iconic works of Pink Floyd, ‘The Wall’ seemed to be the one for him, and he even got into arguments with his wife, who preferred ‘Meddle.’

So, when, on one faithful day, the Oasis guitarist met Gilmour and decided to tell him all about the arguments with his wife on whether ‘Meddle’ or ‘The Wall’ was the better one, it seemed that the frontman was pissed off. As Noel told him that he sided with Roger’s signature album, Gilmour snidely said he had poor taste for picking ‘The Wall.’

As you might imagine, Gallagher returned the favor of David’s comments by sticking to his preference for ‘The Wall,’ and probably pissing off the singer even more. Still, it was interesting that the Pink Floyd frontman thought ‘Meddle’ was the better one, possibly not wanting to praise the hugely Waters-influenced ‘The Wall.’

Noel on listening to ‘The Wall’ all day and pissing off Gilmour:

“When I left school, ‘The Wall’ was the pothead’s album. ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ and ‘Wish You Were Here,’ I maybe overplayed, but ‘The Wall’ I could never get tired of. That track ‘Nobody Home’ just brings back so many memories for me. After leaving school, I just used to go round my mates house, skin up, and we’d listen to this. Happy, carefree days.

I met Dave Gilmour once at an industry thing, and I think I pissed him off. I said to him, ‘Dave, I think ‘The Wall’ is your best album, but my wife won’t have it; she prefers listening to ‘Meddle,’ and he said, ‘Well, clearly your wife has impeccable taste where you have little. I suggest you listen to her.’ I was like, ‘What the fuck are you talking about? She hasn’t got a clue! Get out of it.’”

It’s funny how even an indirect mention of Waters possibly pissed off Gilmour, and the fact that it was Noel who made that comment makes it even funnier. The guitarist wasn’t even trying to annoy David, but this only proves how it’s not easy to outdo the Gallagher brothers when it comes to pissing people off.

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  1. Gilmore has a point though. Words are just words without the music, and Gilmour’s guitar riffs musically speak those words and add much more during the solos.

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