How it feels to be Freddie Mercury in a massive Queen tribute band touring Michigan

Twenty years ago, he started portraying one of the most iconic lead singers in music history. Gary Mullen, a Queen tribute artist, was spotted traveling the globe en route to Michigan with his band The Works.  Friday, August 12th will feature One Night of Queen with Gary Mullen and The Works at the Music Hall in Downtown Detroit, presented by Hollywood Casino at Greektown. Here you can purchase tickets beginning at about $25. It is not enough to simply recreate the music for Mullen and the band. It is about giving audiences the impression that they are watching Queen and Freddie Mercury perform live.

Mullen told MLive that he and the band focus more on getting the sound right. “When fans attend a concert, they want to hear Brian on guitar, the drum sound, and of course Freddie’s voice. We put in a lot of effort and then return to the drawing board to see what we can change or do better.”  According to Mullen, portraying another band can be more challenging for the tribute artist than for the actual band because fans are more critical of their every move and sound.

“It must be persuasive. All of the musicians in a tribute band must be at least as talented as the bands they are imitating. Nobody cares if Queen performs poorly. If we have a bad night, we will lose audience members. Everything must be your best effort. It must be Queen at their absolute best. There is increasing pressure, no pun intended. We want to treat every performance as if it were our last and give them everything we’ve got.”  Gary Mullen and The Works have performed over 2,500 concerts in over 20 countries over the past two decades, but this will be Mullen’s first performance in the Motor City. I was born in Glasgow, Scotland. Although we have visited Michigan, we have never played in Detroit. We have visited the majority of U.S. states, and I believe I have visited more states than the majority of Americans. I am a huge Motown fan, so coming to the home of Motown is a big deal for me.

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