Heart’s Nancy Wilson Reveals Taylor Hawkins’ Selfless Act

Nancy Wilson recently paid tribute to Foo Fighters icon Taylor Hawkins, remembering his sweet soul and selflessness when it came to appreciating his fans via Instagram.

It’s been a year since the rock scene mourned Hawkins’ loss, as the drummer left bittersweet memories and a celebrated legacy behind. So, Wilson wanted to remember the late rocker around the anniversary of his passing, revealing his selfless act when Taylor decided to celebrate a then-serving soldier.

The guitarist recalled how Hawkins didn’t hesitate to thank one of her stepdaughter’s friends, a serviceman on active duty. At the time, Foo Fighters and Heart were taking the stage together for the Letterman show, and the drummer made sure that he wrote the ‘thank you‘ note before the gig so that he wouldn’t forget.

Wilson shared Taylor’s picture holding the note, thanking the soldier, ‘Mr. Hutchinson,’ with a hand-drawn, thumps up on the paper while offering a sweet smile. Nancy remembered how caring Hawkins was, not hesitating to send a respectful nod at a fan on active duty, serving his country.

Nancy’s note on recalling Taylor and his selfless act when it came to thanking a soldier:

“As sweet as they come. Taylor did this for my stepdaughter Julia’s friend, who is a veteran now but was currently serving at the time. He made sure to do it before we performed with the Foo Fighters on the Letterman show. That’s just who he was. Miss you, Taylor.”

So, there’s no doubt that the drummer left bittersweet memories with anyone who knew him personally or professionally. Wilson was one of those rockers who paid homage to Hawkins by remembering his sweet soul and selflessness when it came to appreciating his fans and audience.

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