Greg Puciato recalls Chris Cornell’s traumatic demise

Greg Puciato, the former lead singer of The Dillinger Escape Plan, recently gave an interview to Louder Sound. Puciato stated that the band’s farewell tour was a difficult undertaking due to their split, the car accident, and Chris Cornell’s untimely death. Throughout its 10-year career, The Dillinger Escape Plan achieved critical acclaim for its six metalcore fusion-influenced albums. Music critics also categorized its style as hardcore punk, heavy metal, and experimental metal. Nonetheless, the band released their most recent album, ‘Dissociation,’ in 2016 and subsequently announced they would disband after their final tour.

The tour degenerated into a series of unfortunate occurrences. The band’s tour bus collided with a truck near Radomsko, Poland, on February 12. While several people were injured, the band members were in better condition. Nonetheless, this accident had a significant impact on Puciato’s mental health, and he suffered from severe panic disorder and hypochondria. In addition to the tour’s difficulties and the accident, the sudden death of Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell, with whom they toured at the time, stunned them. Cornell, who had long struggled with depression, committed suicide in his hotel room on May 18, 2017, after Soundgarden’s performance at Fox Theatre. This tour, during which these horrifying events transpired, became a nightmare for the members of The Dillinger Escape Plan.

In a recent interview, Greg Puciato detailed the terrifying occurrences that occurred during the band’s final tour. Following their accident, they were utterly stunned upon learning of Cornell’s passing. As he disclosed, Puciato was profoundly affected by the vocalist’s untimely demise, as he had just seen him the night before. He stated that the tour was traumatic for him, and he wondered if the universe was trying to communicate with him. Greg Puciato stated the following in response to the interviewer’s mention of their tour-related traumas: “Yeah, it never ended. We had a bus accident and Chris Cornell committed suicide while on tour with them. What the hell? Initially, we believed touring with Soundgarden was evidence that cool stuff could still occur; we experienced a moment of renewed inspiration.

Then Chris left mid-tour; I saw him the night before, despite the fact that this tour is still ongoing. The bus accident as well; it felt as if the universe was warning us not to bring this type of energy. It reached a metaphorical sprint to the finish line: “Get this done before we crash the plane!” It frightened us a bit.” Greg Puciato’s electronic band, The Black Queen, which he founded in 2015, continued his career. The band’s second album, ‘Infinite Games,’ was released on September 28, 2018. Child Soldier: Creator of God was Puciato’s debut solo album, released in 2020.

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