Grace Slick’s Despair Following A Fling With Jim Morrison

From 1965 until his death in 1971, Jim Morrison was a prominent figure on the rock scene as the lead vocalist of the Doors. He wowed the audience with his distinctive voice and wild stage presence. Unpredictable stage performances were a constant throughout the singer’s career in the music industry. Morrison’s musical persona reached a large audience, and the people he attracted were not only fans. Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane was among the notable rock figures who held him in high regard.  Grace Slick was an icon of the mid-1960s San Francisco psychedelic music scene. During her tenure with the Grammy-winning band Jefferson Airplane, she produced numerous successful works. In 1968, Slick and Morrison crossed paths during the European tour of the Doors and Jefferson Airplane. The vocalist’s initial impression of Morrison was favorable, and they had a hotel room escapade. They even sang and embraced during Airplane’s tour performance. However, Slick was dissatisfied that the lead singer did not call her again after their fling.

First Impression of Jim Morrison by Grace Slick Grace Slick disclosed in a 2017 interview with Louder Sound that she was one of numerous women attracted to Morrison. She stated that the frontman was not only handsome but also a peculiar individual. According to her, he was difficult to communicate with due to his peculiar personality and heavy drug use. Slick recalled seeing Morrison completely naked and barking like a dog while under the influence of acid in the motel hallway.  Grace Slick expressed adoration for Jim Morrison:  “I liked Jim. Most women did. He was gorgeous, but he was so erratic that you couldn’t communicate with him half the time. He used himself as a test subject to determine how far the human brain could be pushed. I recall returning from a 1967 Airplane concert and checking into the Tropicana Motel with Kantner, where I found Morrison in the hallway, stoned, naked, and barking like a dog. Paul simply stepped over him to enter his room.

As with most women, when the vocalist was in the same location as Morrison, she was drawn to his unique personality. During their 1968 European tour, Slick and Morrison spent a pleasant day in a hotel room together, despite the frontman’s odd personality making conversation difficult. However, the Jefferson Airplane vocalist was dismayed that Morrison did not call her again following their fling. Jim Morrison Did Not Contact Grace Slick Once More. Jim Morrison and Grace Slick spent time together in the frontman’s hotel room during the Doors and Jefferson Airplane tour of 1968. They enjoyed walking around and covering one another in complimentary hotel fruits. In the same 2017 interview, Slick expressed her admiration for his “well-built” physique. Following their escapade in the hotel room, the vocalist told Morrison to call her whenever, but he never did. Slick believed he had not enjoyed their time spent together in the hotel room.

Grace Slick expressed her regret:  “Jim was a robust young man. Greater than the norm. When I left, I said, ‘Call me if you want.’ And he never did. So it appears that I am a terrible liar.”  After this incident, Slick gathered herself and concentrated on their upcoming Amsterdam tour. Before the Amsterdam performance, Jefferson Airplane members purchased and offered Morrison various substances. During the band’s performance, the frontman hugged and sang with Slick while under the influence.

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