Ghost Release Outrageous ‘Jesus He Knows Me’ Cover For Easter

Ghost recently announced a new covers EP while celebrating the release of a rendition of the Genesis track, ‘Jesus He Knows Me’ on Instagram.

The metal act’s official IG page dropped the news of the five-piece EP, ‘Phantomime,’ while sharing a brief look into the recently released music video for ‘Jesus He Knows Me,’ making it clear that new projects were on their way. The age-restricted video followed the unorthodox adventures of the imaginary Father Jim DeFroque, who, after delivering a sermon, makes his way into a wild, all-night-long party.

The EP, along with Genesis, also features the covers of several rock icons who were reported to be, The Stranglers, Television, Iron Maiden, and Tina Turner. The act also pointed out May 18 as the release date of the whole EP, as ‘Jesus He Knows Me’ marked only the beginning of this unholy project.

The band’s caption stated:

“Message from the Clergy! We wish to inform you that one person’s beauty is another’s blasphemy… Watch the video for ‘Jesus He Knows Me,’ directed by Alex Ross Perry, out now. Ghost’s new ‘Phantomime’ EP is a devilish debut of 5 incorrigible covers. It is out everywhere on May 18 and available for pre-order.”

So, if you’re a Ghost fan, get ready to hear the band’s renditions of five different tracks from the iconic archives of the rock scene, as Genesis’ hit piece only proved that their audience was in for yet another ungodly ride.

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