Ghost React To ‘Impera’ Winning The Best Rock Album At The AMA

The 50th American Music Awards took place on Sunday evening at the Microsoft Theater in LA. Machine Gun Kelly and Måneskin took the stage after the first was named the favorite rock artist, and the second was applauded for making the best rock song. Ghost was the third favorite in the rock category, and the band members shared their excitement via a post they wrote on their Instagram accounts.

“Children of the World!” they wrote, enthusiastically calling out to their fans. “From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank all of you fans for all the energy, time, and devotion you put into making sure we won the ‘favorite rock album’ at the American Music Awards tonight! This is entirely thanks to you. You f*ckin’ rawk. Thank you. A Nameless Ghoul.”

It was their fifth studio album ‘Impera’ that gave them this victory. The Swedish rockers explored the rise and fall of empires, following a thematic line in their lyrics. This had been on frontman Tobias Forge’s mind since a book he read in 2013, and he was finally able to actualize these ideas with the other band members. On the other hand, these thematic lines have almost become their trademark.

The band was on tour in 2019, and after its conclusion, they entered the studio to record ‘Impera’ in 2020. However, due to the elections, COVID-19, and a few other things, they delayed the release until the spring of this year. The band members, who successfully melted hard rock, glam metal, heavy metal, and ’80s rock together, topped many charts and achieved critical acclaim, which signaled this victory.

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