George Clooney criticized Tom Cruise for his angry tirade, stating, “Not my style”

TOM CRUISE lashed out at his staff members in a rage-filled tirade over COVID-19 protocol violations, and George Clooney criticized his methods while lashing out at him, labeling it a “problem.” The 2017 reboot of the The Mummy franchise starring Tom Cruise debuted on Channel 5 earlier this week. However, immediately after completing production on that film, he resumed work on his Mission: Impossible series.  And in 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning to spread across the globe, Cruise was still filming movies despite the global ban. The actor was hard at work on his upcoming Mission: Impossible film, Dead Reckoning Part One, in the United Kingdom. However, the American celebrity made headlines after a recording of him berating his staff leaked. In the vicious audio clip, Cruise was heard yelling at employees who were “standing too close together.”

The alleged video clip of the Scientologist shows him yelling, “If I see it again, you’re f****** gone!”  George Clooney then stepped up to the plate to criticize Cruise’s methods of criticizing his employees.  At the time, Clooney told Howard Stern, “I have a friend who is an assistant director on another television show who just had almost the exact same thing occur with a less outlandish response.” Clooney stated that if he had been in Cruise’s position, he “would not have gone that far.”  “I would not have rescued anyone,” he explained. “You’re in a position of authority, and it’s difficult, right? You do have a responsibility for others, and he’s absolutely right about that, and if production decreases, many people will lose their jobs.”

He added, “It’s just not my style to criticize everyone in this manner.”  Although he disliked Cruise’s reaction to the violation of Covid protocols, he did agree with his main point. Clooney, who previously portrayed the Caped Crusader in the 1997 film Batman & Robin, stated: “You know, people need to comprehend this and be accountable.”  “Well, he didn’t overreact because [the staff members’ actions] were a problem,” he continued.  However, Cruise really launched into his employees.  As an executive producer on Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, Cruise has a significant stake in the film’s success. It is therefore understandable why Cruise may have been especially concerned with ensuring the safety of his film crew.

Cruise could be heard shouting on the recording, “They’re back in Hollywood making movies right now because of us!” We are creating tens of thousands of new jobs. That is all. No apologies. “Tell that to the people who are losing their f****** homes because our industry has been shut down.”  He added, “We will not shut down this filthy movie. Is it comprehended? If I see it again, you’re out of here!”  Most recently, Cruise demonstrated his passion for leadership on the set of Top Gun Maverick. Cruise recruited his Maverick co-stars to learn how to fly F-18 jets for the film.  Miles Teller, the film’s star, later recalled: “Every single day of filming, we gave it our all. People were vomiting and fainting until the very last day.  He also stated that he did not find it amusing.

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