Gene Simmons of KISS Recalls His Desperate Situation During His Poverty

Gene Simmons, bassist for KISS, participated in an interview with Breaking And Entering and discussed the years he did not earn enough money. Simmons stated that no one offered to assist him during those difficult times and provided everyone with some important advice. When Simmons was a child in Israel, he was forced to endure extreme hardship and struggled with poverty. After a few years, the famous bassist and his mother immigrated to the United States, but starting a new life in a foreign country was difficult.

While Florence Klein made numerous sacrifices to care for her son, she also supported her family financially by working as an assistant and instructor. Gene Simmons achieved mainstream success shortly after co-founding KISS with Paul Stanley, Peter Criss, and Ace Frehley; consequently, he did not need to develop additional projects to generate income. Nevertheless, economic leisure did not deter him. The bassist concentrated on numerous business ventures, including the LA KISS arena football team, Simmons Records, the Cool Springs financial services firm, the Rock & Brews restaurant chain, and cryptocurrency.

Simmons, one of the world’s wealthiest rock stars, emphasized the importance of remaining grateful and humble despite his fame and fortune. The musician reminded everyone that no one assisted him when he was attempting to survive on $1.25 per hour. In light of Simmons’s illuminating life story, young people can realize their dreams by working diligently and remaining humble. Simmons stated during an interview: “You must express gratitude. Even if you have everything that has been given to us for free, you cannot be arrogant. When I was poor and earning $1.25 per hour, no one approached me and said, “You liked those sneakers, here, I’ll send you a dozen, or you liked that car, here” No one was present.” Continuing, he stated: “Be as humble as I can possibly be. However, you must always remember that without the support of the audience, you and I can be replaced by the next person. Always be modest. Understand that we are merely employees.” You can view the video provided below.

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