Geddy Lee And Alex Lifeson Might Reunite For Rush’s Anniversary Next Year, Andy Curran Shares

Andy Curran recently chatted with Rock Music History, discussing whether there were any chances for Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson to reunite and record new Rush projects or even hit the road for a tour.

Rush had called it quits after drummer Neil Peart passed away almost three years ago, and Lee and Lifeson now seem to be enjoying a life of semi-retirement. The frontman is currently working on a memoir, ‘My Effin’ Life’ and a TV project, while Lifeson spends his time avidly golfing, so Curran remarked that the pair were quite pleased with this new-found freedom, away from recording and touring.

Still, there have been rumors about a possible Rush reunion these last few days, so when the host asked Andy, the band’s longtime friend and collaborator, about what the odds were for such a possibility, the Coney Hatch rocker was quite optimistic.

He noted how much he hoped Geddy and Alex would get together since he was an avid Rush fan, but as the pair were currently enjoying their life with different projects and hobbies, the bassist also remarked that even if a reunion were to take place, it wouldn’t happen soon.

Nonetheless, Curran pointed out the approaching anniversary of the band’s 50th anniversary, confidently betting that, maybe, Lee and Lifeson could team up next year to celebrate their legacy, so if a Rush fan wanted to have something to look forward to, they needed to set their gaze to the possible 50th-anniversary celebrations.

Andy’s words on whether Geddy and Alex would record new music or tour:

“I know that, Geddy… Listen, I’m going to answer in two ways. I’m going to say, I hope they do [reunite] as a Rush fan. I hope those boys do because I see that there’s a lot of race left in both of those horses. Those guys are extremely creative guys… I would be shocked if they didn’t do something together; that’s maybe the hopeful side of me.

But I do know that Geddy is spending a lot of time and has just announced the release of his book, his memoirs; he’s got a TV show that he’s working on. Alex is an avid golfer, and I think that the boys are enjoying the time away from that very sort of ‘write-tour-record-tour, rinse and repeat.’

I think [they are] enjoying being their own guys with a bit of freedom right now, so I don’t think it’s [the reunion and recording new music] imminent… But the interesting thing is the 50th anniversary of Rush’s next year, so I think there’s ever going to be a time, then we might see something happening next year.”

So, it seems that Curran is quite hopeful that Lee and Lifeson might get together and honor Rush’s 50th anniversary with new music or a tour. Still, only time will tell whether the frontman and the guitarist will team up again under the name Rush, but it seems that might not be such a distant possibility.

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