Francis Rossi Shares Elton John’s Wish About Status Quo

We might assume that widely-acclaimed artists are satisfied with their creative efforts since they receive a burst of applause from the listeners. Yet, there is always more they want to achieve. In a recent interview with Loudersound, Status Quo’s Francis Rossi revealed that Elton John would like to write songs in a different style.

“Elton John; I’m not supposed to call him that because he gets upset, but I can’t help it; that’s what I know him as,” Rossi said about calling the rock icon ‘Reggie.’ “I remember years ago, we bumped into him coming out of the studio that Pye Records had. He’d just done a cover of ‘Down The Dustpipe’ for one of those cheap albums they put out.”

Rossi continued, sharing Elton John’s wish about his songwriting style, “And three weeks later he was this megastar. Brilliant songwriter. He once said to us: ‘I wish I could write them rock songs like you do.’ I just went: ‘What? Don’t be silly Reg, for f*ck’s sake.’”

Surprisingly, Elton John disclosed to Francis Rossi that he would have wanted to write rock songs like Status Quo. Even though John is much-praised for his exceptional songwriting abilities, in collaboration with his long-term writing partner Bernie Taupin, apparently, the style he created was not entirely satisfying for the singer as he also wanted to explore heavier and faster sounds.

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