Former Evanescence Guitarist Initially Mistook Dismissal for a Joke – ‘I’m Hurt’

During an interview with Coffee With Ola, former Evanescence guitarist Jen Majura revealed that she initially thought her recent departure from the band was a joke. The topic is introduced by the host and fellow musician Ola Englund, who states, “There are a lot of Evanescence fans in the room, oh, did I say that? I am referring to an elephant.” According to Majura, the following occurred when she was fired from Evanescence: Majura recalls that on the day she was fired from the band, she was cleaning her apartment when she received the phone call. She explains, “Initially, I was like, ‘Is this a bad joke?’ I remember hanging up the phone and laying on the floor in the hallway between my studio and living room, staring at the ceiling, wondering what that was, and literally looking over to my suitcase that I had already begun packing because I was two weeks away from leaving for the road until the end of the year.”

When Englund asked her how she felt about leaving the band, she replied, “I honestly believe, like, what? Three weeks have passed since I received the news, and I am still in this hazy, unaware…moment. I am, I suppose, still in shock. Kind of, because you know that after six years of marriage you are suddenly divorced.” Englund agrees, stating that leaving a band is similar to ending a relationship with five people. Majura continues by stating that she always looks for the bright side of a situation, so “every day, step by step, I’m not doing so well. But every day I find little things that make me think, “Oh, this is actually pretty good.”

The guitarist continues, “I’m hurt, and I’m still in a hazy state of ‘what just occurred?'” She reveals that she has since received several lucrative offers from other bands, but she “would like to consider them, but not right now.” The former Evanescence guitarist will focus on herself and her music for the time being, stating that she “lost a little bit of my music inside of me over the past few years because what I want to do right now is reconnect with myself. And feel, hear, and perform my music once more.” Majura revealed her current intention to compose her third solo album. You can view her complete interview with Coffee with Ola below. Former Evanescence Guitarist Discusses Band’s Dissolution
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