Foo Fighters Share Emotional Tribute To Taylor Hawkins

It was Taylor Hawkins’ birthday on February 17, and he would celebrate his 51st birthday if he didn’t depart from this world. Sad to remember that Hawkins was gone, his Foo Fighters bandmates decided to post an emotional birthday celebration for the drummer on Instagram.

Foo Fighters fans in Bogotá, Colombia, were excited to see the band perform at the Estéreo Picnic Festival on March 25, 2022. However, Taylor Hawkins left them heartbroken with his unexpected passing. The drummer died in his hotel room at 50 after complaining about chest pain, and it later turned out that he had ten substances in his body.

It’s almost been a year since Taylor Hawkins’ death, and it hurts to remember that he would be 51 on February 17 if he were still around. Of course, his Foo Fighters bandmates didn’t forget about this important date and decided to pay the late drummer an emotional tribute with a happy birthday post on their official social media.

In the post, Foo Fighters shared a black-and-white picture of the drummer sitting in front of his drum kit. The band also wrote that they missed Taylor Hawkins so much, as it has been more than difficult for them to cope with their bandmate’s untimely passing.

Foo Fighters’ Instagram post read:

“Miss you so much.”

After the tragic news of his death, many of Taylor Hawkins’ fellow musicians took to their social media to pay tribute to him. One of them was Perry Farrell, who was deeply wounded by his close friend’s passing. In one of his interviews, Jane’s Addiction frontman revealed that when he saw hawks, it felt like they were a sign that Hawkins was watching over him.

Farrell also shared a birthday celebration for Taylor Hawkins on his Twitter, saying the late drummer always tried to bring everyone together. He also included a video in his tweet, where he is seen calling out to a hawk and saying, ‘Hi, buddy, love you.’

Perry Farrell’s tweet read:

“Happy birthday to you, Taylor; you were always trying to bring us together.”

It’s no doubt that Taylor Hawkins left an empty spot in everyone’s hearts with his passing that is impossible to fill. With his birthday on February 17, the late drummer reminded us that the wound is still fresh and deep. Rest in peace, and happy birthday, Taylor Hawkins.

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