Expendables Four-Star Randy Couture Discusses Debutantes Megan Fox and 50 Cent

Randy Couture, star of The Expendables 4, discusses the new actors joining the action franchise, including Megan Fox and 50 Cent. Randy Couture discusses his new co-stars in The Expendables 4, Megan Fox, 50 Cent, and Andy Garcia. The Expendables franchise began in 2010 with Sylvester Stallone leading an all-star cast of action film legends. In 2012 and 2014, the sequels Expendables 2 and Expendables 3 were released. Now that nearly a decade has passed since the release of Expendables 3, the franchise is finally prepared to return to theaters. Returning from previous films in the franchise are Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, and Couture. In Expendables 4, Fox, 50 Cent (a.k.a. Curtis Jackson), and Garcia make their franchise debuts alongside these Expendables veterans. Iko Uwais, Tony Jaa, Sheila Shah, Eddie Hall, Jacob Scipio, and Levy Tran also appear in the film. Scott Waugh makes his directorial debut with The Expendables, utilizing a script by Spenser Cohen and Max Adams.

In a recent interview with uInterview, longtime series star Couture discussed working with some of the new cast members of Expendables 4. In particular, Couture highlighted Fox, 50 Cent, and Garcia as newcomers who are injecting energy into the long-awaited action sequel. Couture said: Only four original Expendables characters remain, including myself, Dolph [Lundgren], Jason [Statham], and Sylvester [Stallone]. Thus, we added an entirely new population. I have great respect for 50 Cent, with whom I’ve previously collaborated. It was nice to meet someone new, Megan Fox. I’ve always been a huge fan of Andy Garcia, who has done incredible work in the film industry. So it was a delight to observe him at work and be in his presence.

Fox has starred in numerous action films, including the Transformers franchise, Jonah Hex, and two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films. 50 Cent, meanwhile, has transitioned from rap icon to actor, appearing in films such as Escape Plan and Den of Thieves, as well as 2011’s Setup, which was his first collaboration with Couture. Garcia has had a lengthy and illustrious acting career, including roles in action films such as 8 Million Ways to Die, Black Rain, Desperate Measures, Smokin’ Aces, and others, as well as roles in more prestigious films such as The Godfather Part III, The Untouchables, and Ocean’s Eleven.

Adding new characters is unavoidable if The Expendables franchise is to continue. However, the presence of veteran actors such as Stallone, Lundgren, Statham, and, to a lesser extent, Couture continues to be the primary attraction for action film fans. It is expected that The Expendables 4 will mark a change in the series, as Stallone’s Barney Ross appears ready to leave, possibly passing the leadership torch to Statham’s Lee Christmas for future installments. Uncertainty surrounds the plot of the Expendables’ highly-anticipated fourth installment, but it will undoubtedly be entertaining to see what Fox, 50 Cent, and Garcia bring to the table alongside the series’ four remaining mainstays.

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