Eric Clapton’s ‘Weakness’ Regarding His Relationships

In addition to their musical endeavors, the media and avid music fans are also very interested in the artists’ romantic relationships. Despite being more talented and successful than many in the music industry, they frequently struggle with the same relationship issues as everyone else.  As a well-known musician, Eric Clapton’s personal life has also been closely scrutinized by the media. Although many of the legendary guitarist’s relationships have been covered by the media, his most famous was probably the love triangle he was involved in with the late Beatles guitarist George Harrison and Harrison’s wife Pattie Boyd, whom Clapton later married.

Numerous intriguing tales circulate regarding how the guitarist convinced Boyd to begin a relationship with him, including one involving a guitar duel between Clapton and Harrison. You may believe that Eric Clapton’s love life has been as fortunate as his career, but there was a time when the guitarist considered himself to be weak.  What Did Eric Clapton Say Regarding His Relationships? Eric Clapton was married to Pattie Boyd from 1979 to 1989, and his affairs with singer Betty Davis, manager Yvonne Kelly, model Lory Del Santo, and administrative assistant Melia McEnery have also been reported. Since the early 2000s, the guitarist has been with McEnery, and the couple has three daughters.

In a 1991 interview with Rolling Stone, the subject of his romantic life came up in the context of his relationship with the media. Eric Clapton stated that journalists were extremely interested in his personal life and wished for him to marry. Therefore, whenever they saw him with a woman, they felt happy for his eventual happiness.  The guitarist remarked that was a charming approach, but he was not seeking a long-term relationship at the time. A weakness in his love life, he disclosed, was that he enjoyed hanging out with beautiful women but was not in a serious relationship. Clapton emphasized that it was natural for the media to focus on him as a famous and successful musician.

Eric Clapton’s words on his romantic insufficiency: “However, I believe that these journalists feel pity for me. They are attempting to mate me off. If they see me with a woman, they believe that I have found happiness. There is a very sweet aspect to it. And I’m kind of moved by it because I’m unsure if I’m looking for comfort or a stable relationship. I simply enjoy the company of attractive women. I have a deficiency in that area. I suppose I am up for grabs because I am relatively wealthy and a famous musician. In the press, this makes me an eligible bachelor.”  Until 1998, when he met Melia McEnery, it appears that Clapton felt this way, as he had an active love life for years before meeting her. The guitarist then began a relationship that has endured for more than two decades.

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