Eminem Reveals ‘Curtain Call 2’ Track Listing

Hip-hop legend Eminem tweeted the track listing for his upcoming greatest-hits album, Curtain Call 2, bringing much-needed relief to those eagerly awaiting information about his forthcoming Curtain Call 2 album.  From “My Name Is” and “Stan” to “The Real Slim Shady” and beyond, the original 2005 release of Curtain Call: The Hits offered fans of the Detroit rapper a comprehensive collection of their idol’s biggest songs to that point, including “My Name Is” and “Stan.” Since then, however, a great deal of time has passed and a great deal of Eminem music has entered the world. A compilation of the artist’s post-2005 hits has been in demand for some time.

So, what songs will be featured on Curtain Call 2? According to the information shared by Eminem, the compilation will include over 30 tracks, including the 50 Cent collaboration “Is This Love,” the Cee-Lo team-up “The King & I,” the Rihanna duet “Love the Way You Lie,” “From the D to the LBC” featuring Snoop Dogg, and many others. On Twitter, fans can view the complete tracklist for the double-disc collection.

The album will have high expectations to meet. Its predecessor had one of the longest chart runs of any hip-hop album on the Billboard 200. It was even one of the 50 best-selling items of the previous year. That’s some serious tenacity.  But with music representing every Eminem project since Relapse, including soundtrack songs, guest appearances, and more, Curtain Call 2 seems likely to arrive with its own unique firepower. The release date of the album is August 5. To keep fans occupied in the interim, however, Eminem has dusted off an old video for the single “Crack a Bottle” from his 2009 album Relapse.

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