Elvis Presley’s heartbreaking last request to Ann-Margret before death

Elvis Presley first met Ann-Margret in 1963 when they began shooting their 1964 movie Viva Las Vegas. What started out as a fling between two Hollywood stars evolved into a passionate love affair. The couple spent every moment they could together while Elvis’ beau, Priscilla Presley, was awaiting his return back in Graceland. Elvis and Ann-Margret’s relationship lasted for just over a year before they split up – but the story doesn’t end there.

A decade later, in December 1972, Elvis was going through a bitter and spiteful split from Priscilla. The couple, who had a daughter together – Lisa Marie Presley – could not stay together anymore. After all the years of Elvis’ infidelities and drug use, Priscilla’s affair was the spark that ignited the relationship’s doom.

At the same time, Ann-Margret had a residency slot at the Las Vegas Hilton where she would play every evening to a sold-out crowd. On one fateful December evening, Elvis attended her show and watched his old flame – the one who got away – sing her heart out for the masses.

It was this night that Ann-Margret met Elvis for the last time.

Elvis attended a packed, star-studded after-party where he chatted with Ann-Margret about old times. They reminisced about their days on set and the mischief they got up to before parting ways. However, the night didn’t end there.

Later that night, after Ann-Margret had returned to her hotel room, she received a phone call – It was Elvis. She recalled the emotional event in her memoir, My Story.

Ann-Margret wrote: “Elvis told me how great it had been seeing me earlier.” She, of course, returned the compliment. She was no doubt telling the truth – but she had to be careful at this point. By that point, Ann-Margret was married to a Hollywood producer Roger Smith.

Elvis went on to tell her how “lonely” he was and that he just wanted to see her one more time. And, eventually, he asked Ann-Margret one of the toughest questions she ever had to hear.

Ann-Margret wrote: “He asked if he could see me. It was a question I’d anticipated since [that] afternoon but hoped that he wouldn’t really ask.”

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