During his years in Hollywood, Elvis Presley would leave Priscilla at Graceland for weeks at a time. She admitted that she felt compelled to leave him alone. She added that she had no business being near him. Elvis soon became unfaithful. Elvis, the Elvis Presley biopic, will be available for home rental later this month. The relationship between the King and his wife, however, was not fully explored in the blockbuster. After Elvis brought Priscilla Presley (then Beaulieu) to Graceland in 1963, he began to withdraw from her. After a few years in the U.S. Army, he recommitted himself to his career with vigor.

However, instead of touring and performing music, he was filming in Hollywood. Colonel Tom Parker believed that the best way for him to earn money was to become a movie star. However, this meant leaving his partner. Priscilla remained in Memphis while Elvis traveled to Hawaii, Hollywood, and other locations in the United States to film movies. She had Graceland to herself in order to lead her own life. While distance eventually became an issue in their relationship, Priscilla reflected on why she never traveled to Hollywood to see the celebrity.

She stated, “I didn’t believe he could perform at his best if I was present.” I believed it was his responsibility, and I had no business being there. Instead, she spent her time living a solitary existence at Graceland. When Priscilla discovered the information, she was enraged. She smashed a vase and demanded that Elvis end his relationship with Ann-Margret immediately. Shortly thereafter, he made a proposal to her. Elvis’ relationship with Priscilla at this time differed significantly from the time when he was courting her. He met the 14-year-old while stationed in Friedberg, Germany, with the United States Army.

Priscilla recalled the celebrity purchasing out entire venues in an attempt to woo her. She stated, “Elvis would rent an entire theater.” “By inviting friends, we could converse loudly without fear that the manager would kick us out.” Here, Priscilla learned a great deal about Elvis and his passion for film. She recalled, “Elvis enjoyed action-packed films and Westerns.” And he adored the Peter Sellers film A Shot in the Dark.” However, he refused to show certain films to his friends during these events. “No, Elvis never screened his own films,” Priscilla stated firmly. “He simply chose not to see them. Perhaps he misspoke a line or felt that his hair did not look good or that he appeared overweight.” She continued, “He simply did not wish to see himself. He is extremely self-critical. On May 1, 1967, Elvis and Priscilla were married. On February 1, 1968, exactly nine months later, Priscilla gave birth to Lisa Marie Presley. In 1973, eight years later, Elvis and Priscilla divorced.

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