Elvis Presley: Lisa Marie’s hidden childhood message inside ‘secret drawer’ at Graceland

Elvis Presley’s only child Lisa Marie Presley spent much of her first nine years living at Graceland, before her father’s death in 1977. In interviews, The King’s daughter has described how much of “a terror” she was at that age. But did you know the mischievous little girl left some hidden graffiti in a “secret drawer” which is there to this day?

Graceland archivist Angie Marchese made the reveal during a live virtual tour of the Memphis mansion that Express.co.uk previously took part in.

She pointed out the “secret drawer” located in the corridor next to the kitchen on the way into the Jungle Room from the front door.

In fact, it’s right by where fans walk during the regular in-person tour of Graceland. Followed by a live streaming camera, Angie opened the drawer.

Written inside was Lisa Marie’s graffiti which read, “Lisa’s home Graceland” with a smiley face.

Also within the drawer was a 1993 phonebook, which may seem quite random but the Elvis historian revealed it was owned by The King’s Aunt Delta Mae, who lived at Graceland until that very year.

She was the sister of Elvis’ father Vernon Presley who was invited to live at Graceland with the rest of the extended family when her husband died in 1966.

Even after Elvis died in 1977 and tours of his home began in 1982, Aunt Delta still lived at Graceland using her bedroom and the kitchen for the rest of her life. This meant those rooms were off-limits to the public in order to accommodate her before she died in 1993 at the age of 74.

Back in the seventies, she would take care of Lisa Marie as Elvis slept in the day, making sure she had her bath and dinner.

Interestingly, all kinds of items remain in drawers at Graceland just as they were left by those living in the mansion. For example, the plates and glasses are still kept in the kitchen cupboards, as is china in the ones in the dining room. Additionally, a drawer in the music room quite randomly features a samurai sword gifted to Elvis by a Japanese officer.

Lisa Marie very much still sees Graceland as her family home and occasionally has Thanksgiving there at the dining room table. The china she uses is kept in the drawers of Aunt Delta’s bedroom, which is connected to the kitchen and isn’t on the tour.

It’s also the request of Elvis’ daughter that the upstairs be preserved as The King left it in 1977. This means his bed is made, the last record he played is on the record player and even a styrofoam cup is on a shelf.


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