Elvis: Austin Butler was “reduced to tears” after “heckling” during a performance

Austin Butler, who portrayed ELVIS PRESLEY in the biopic Elvis, was subjected to a great deal of severe criticism during production. Once, the American actor returned home “in tears.” This scenario was something that Leonardo DiCaprio had previously warned him about.  Fans of the King of Rock and Roll can’t wait to see Austin Butler reprise his role as Elvis Presley in the upcoming home release of Elvis, but he didn’t feel the love when he first began filming.  The actor has now revealed the arduous conditions of the movie’s music recording process. Baz Luhrmann was devastated by a shocking incident involving a number of music executives and himself. Austin recalled recording some singing parts in RCA Studio B in Nashville during Elvis’s filming.

This studio was where Elvis actually recorded hundreds of his own songs, so it was a momentous occasion for Austin to visit and record these songs for the film.  Unfortunately, Austin’s plans did not come to fruition.  Recently, he disclosed: “On my first day in the recording studio, Baz wanted me to get as close as possible to performing. He brought all the RCA executives and employees who had returned to their offices into the recording studio.”  To prepare Austin for genuine fame, he demanded that he be criticized. According to Austin, Baz told the executives of the recording company, “I want you all to face Austin.”  He recalled, “And he told them to heckle me.”

Austin began singing his heart out not only for his director but also for a number of prominent music industry professionals.  He recalled, “Consequently, they made fun of me and other things while I was singing.” The criticism appeared to have a significant impact on the 30-year-old celebrity. “That night, I went home in tears,” Austin admitted. Indeed, I did. (Via VMAN).  He noted that Baz employed this technique to provide him with insight into Elvis’ emotions for a specific scene.  Austin stated, “When we were filming the scene in which Elvis first takes the stage and is heckled by the audience, I knew exactly how he felt.”

Surprisingly, Leonardo DiCaprio had actually warned him about this before filming began. In 1996’s Romeo + Juliet and 2013’s The Great Gatsby, Leonardo portrayed the protagonist alongside Baz Luhrmann.  Apparently, the actor told Austin: “Baz will challenge you in ways you never thought possible. He will throw you off balance and maintain that position.”  Whatever Baz did to Austin during filming was obviously effective.  Austin received nearly universal acclaim for his portrayal of Elvis, but most importantly, he received the approval of Elvis’ family. Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of Elvis, wrote a lengthy Instagram post about the film.

She explained, “Austin Butler beautifully channeled and embodied my father’s heart and soul.” “His performance, in my humble opinion, is unprecedented and FINALLY performed accurately and with respect. I will eat my own foot if he does not win an Oscar for this performance.” (sic) . She added, “You can feel and see Baz’s pure love, care, and respect for my father throughout this beautiful film, and it is finally something of which I, my children, and their children can be forever proud.”



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