A young Mick Jagger used to have the charm to easily turn heads and become the center of attention in a matter of minutes. This doesn’t mean he hasn’t got it anymore, but we can only imagine that as an 80-plus-year-old, things had been more challenging, and he prefers laying low a bit more.

His attractive features, however, enhanced most of The Rolling Stones fans who, possibly, would do anything to spot Jagger in a crowd and meet him. So, there’s no doubt that things were all good for Mick, who thrived attention… however, not everybody was as pleased with the singer’s magnetic looks.

Jeff Beck, who was around Jagger’s age at the time, was unfortunate, or fortunate, to have a similar facial feature to the vocalist, looking very alike. This resulted in the Rolling Stones fans screaming whenever they saw Jeff and calling out to him by yelling, ‘Mick!’ The guitarist had no idea who Mick was in the early 60s, so things were a bit confusing for him, and he hated being mixed up with someone else.

Later into the 60s, however, Jeff proved his musical genius to many fellow rockers in the scene, first by joining the Yardbirds and then forming his own band, becoming a part-time solo act. After his early years of being confused for Jagger, Beck managed to develop a prominent reputation among rock fans, making it clear that he had no intention of being mixed up with some other figure.

He successfully showed anyone who doubted him that he was destined to be a guitar hero, holding up his six-stringed instrument and easily impressing everyone in the room, in the studio, or at a show with his techniques. Jeff proved to anyone that there were no limits when it came to playing the way he wanted, establishing his own style and soon taking his honorary place among fellow guitar gods.

So, when another guitar legend, Pink Floyd icon David Gilmour had to choose his favorite guitarist, he didn’t need to think twice about picking Beck, easily uttering the rocker’s name and admitting how much he admired his talents and techniques. Perhaps, it was a confession Jeff never got to hear but surely would honor him.

Dave named his favorite guitarist of all time with the following:

“I have lots of favorite guitar players. Probably the person who I have admired the longest and the most consistent is Jeff Beck, in the guitar playing stakes. A lovely guy.”

Gilmour honored his hero with the compliment, although Jeff, maybe, never was aware of the compliment or David’s fascination with him. Still, he had become ‘the’ Jeff Beck, a guitar hero who touched millions of lives and influenced various acts along with aspiring young musicians.

The rocker had the industry’s respect all over, showing that he left such an impressive legacy that ensured he never got mixed up with someone else. So, the young Jeff, who was confused for Mick Jagger in the 60s, surely would be proud of the reputation he left behind and of Dave’s lovely compliments.


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