In a recent interview with the publication Yes! Ex-Megadeth bassist David Ellefson discussed the upcoming “Kings of Thrash Tour” and his role as “The Ambassador,” as described by Dave Mustaine.  Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson were not always on the same page throughout their years of collaboration. There was always strife within their ranks. Mustaine was accused of owing the band members millions of dollars in royalties in a lawsuit filed in 2004.  Even though the lawsuit between the members was settled, the tensions did not end with this scandal. After several years of harmony within the band, Ellefson’s sex scandal broke out. This incident was the deciding factor in Mustaine’s decision to expel Ellefson from the band. From that point on, the members stated that they wished each other the best, but fans believed that not everything had been resolved between them.

When asked about the forthcoming ‘Kings of Thrash Tour,’ he stated that the tour is not directed against Dave Mustaine or the other band members. This event is a celebration of the music they have produced. He added that Mustaine referred to him as “The Ambassador” because he was the one who brought everyone together, and he wished to maintain that position within their community.  David Ellefson’s comments regarding the upcoming “Kings of Thrash Tour” are as follows:  “This is a celebration, not an act of vengeance. This is a favorable time. This is a joyous occasion to honor these songs, tracks, and records. So we approach the situation with a sense of humor. It’s like saying, “Wow. Wouldn’t it be entertaining to go out and play these records?’ And we’re doing it. Therefore, the purpose is to celebrate and bring people together.

In truth, this has always been my role in Megadeth. Dave always referred to me as “The Ambassador,” and I have always been and continue to be that person. So, it’s like, “Allow me to continue that role in our community and have a good reputation.”  ‘Kings of Thrash – The Mega Years’ concerts are scheduled throughout the United States in October. Ellefson will perform alongside former Megadeth guitarists Jeff Young and Chris Poland. Two classic Megadeth albums will be performed in their entirety: “Killing is My Business… and Business is Good” and “So Far, So Good… So What?”

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