Dave Grohl once revealed his hilarious guilty pleasure song

Dave Grohl isn’t a man whose afraid to like something outside his comfort zone. The entire point of the Foo Fighters‘ 2014 studio album Sonic Highways was to integrate some of the lesser-known genres from across America into the band’s signature brand of hard rock. That meant listening to everything from Nashville country to traditional New Orleans jazz – not exactly the punk rock that Grohl had always known.

But Grohl doesn’t exactly seem like a man with guilty pleasures. On any given night, you could have been Grohl rocking an ABBA T-shirt or serving up some goofy-as-hell covers during a Foo Fighters set. This is a man who got his band to record an entire album of Bee Gees covers, after all. There was never an out-of-place song that Grohl couldn’t get behind.

That might have been a bit different in 2001. Grohl was still young and full of piss and vinegar, so there were plenty of opportunities to let loose on what he thought was good and what was crap. But in an interview with Revolver magazine that year, Grohl copped to liking a song that was incredibly far removed from his standard set of songs.

That would be the Spice Girls’ ‘2 Become 1’, the third single from their massively popular 1996 debut Spice. “I couldn’t get this song out of my head, and it’s not even a dance song it’s just this slow love shit,” Grohl explained. “Lord I love it I don’t know what to do! In Nirvana, Krist Novoselic joked that he was going to call his autobiography ‘What The Hell Was I Thinking?’ Now I know what he means. Do I need a shrink?”

Just for context, ‘2 Become 1′ first came out in September of 1996. That was right after Grohl and his bandmates were finishing up the last shows supporting the Foo Fighters’ debut and right before they were set to enter the studio to record their follow-up, 1997’s The Colour and the Shape. There probably aren’t any traces of the Spice Girls on that album, at least none that are immediately obvious, but apparently, Grohl was bumping some classic Girl Power around that time.

Check out Grohl’s guilty pleasure song down below.

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