Could Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson reunite for Rush’s 50th anniversary next year?

It’s the 50th anniversary of the release of Rush’s debut album next year, and the possibility of remaining band members Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson getting together again has reared its head after Lifeson’s Envy Of None band mate Andy Curran was asked about the possibility of the the pair working together again on the Rock History Music YouTube channel. You can watch the full interview below.

“I’m going to answer that in two ways,” Curran said, when asked about the possibility of the pair working together again. “I’m going to say, I hope they do [reunite] as a Rush fan. I hope those boys do because I see that there’s a lot of race left in both of those horses. Those guys are extremely creative guys… I would be shocked if they didn’t do something together; that’s maybe the hopeful side of me.

“I think [they are] enjoying being their own guys with a bit of freedom right now, so I don’t think it’s [the reunion and recording new music] imminent… But the interesting thing is the 50th anniversary of Rush is next year, so I think if there’s ever going to be a time, then we might see something happening next year.”

Lee has been busy writing his autobiography, which will be launched in November, whilst Lifeson has returned to active music duty with the dark pop/prog band Envy Of None, who released their self-titled debut album last year and have just announced a new EP, That Was Then.

“I do know that Geddy is spending a lot of time and has just announced the release of his book, his memoirs; he’s got a TV show that he’s working on,” former Coney Hatch man Curran added. “Alex is an avid golfer, and I think that the boys are enjoying the time away from that very sort of ‘write-tour-record-tour, rinse and repeat.”

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