Cobra Kai Season 6 Can Complete Johnny’s Story With 1 Robby Moment

Cobra Kai season 6 has the perfect opportunity of completing Johnny Lawrence’s story thanks to Robby. Although Cobra Kai has now become a Karate Kid legacy series featuring almost every possible character from the Daniel LaRusso films, the show started as a Johnny Lawrence story. Johnny can be seen as Cobra Kai’s main character, as the show is mostly told from his perspective and puts Johnny and his past at the center of the story.

Most of Johnny’s Cobra Kai story, if not all of it, has been defined by his relationship with Robby. Having abandoned Robby and his mother, Johnny Lawrence had failed his family and was never able to rebuild his relationship with Robby. The dynamic between Johnny and his son set the stage for most of the Cobra Kai storylines, including but not limited to Johnny reopening Cobra Kai and accepting training Miguel in Cobra Kai season 1.

Johnny Lawrence Can Now Be Robby’s Sensei In Cobra Kai

After being on different sides for most of Cobra Kai, Johnny and Robby are now training together for the first time. Though Cobra Kai season 5 saw Johnny briefly training Robby along with Miguel and Hawk, Cobra Kai season 6 can expand on that and have training moments between Johnny and Robby. Up until this point, Johnny never had a chance of training Robby, as Robby had joined karate precisely to be close to Daniel LaRusso and make his father angry. Now, not only are Daniel and Johnny working together in a new dojo, but Johnny and Robby have repaired their relationship as well.

Cobra Kai season 4 ended with Robby exiting Cobra Kai, which led many to believe that Robby would exit karate entirely – at least at first. In a way, that is what happened in the first half of Cobra Kai season 5, with Robby more focused on fixing his relationship with Johnny and later with Miguel and Tory instead of training. Robby only returned to karate once Daniel LaRusso needed help, now with most of the main Cobra Kai characters fighting for the same side. As such, Robby is now a student of Johnny and Daniel’s combined new dojo, which still doesn’t have a name.

Johnny Training Robby For The Sekai Taikai Would Fulfil Their Arcs

Hawk and Sam were chosen to represent Johnny, Daniel, and Chozen at the Sekai Taikai qualifiers. For that reason, there was not much of Johnny training Robby despite them now being at the same dojo. However, now that the “Miyago-Do-Fang” dojo has been selected for the Sekai Taikai, Cobra Kai season 6 has the chance of showing all its main characters preparing for the global karate tournament. Johnny and Robby can have a “training arc” together in Cobra Kai season 6 ahead of the Sekai Taikai, which would fulfill both of their arcs and make Cobra Kai go full circle.

Johnny decided to train Miguel and be there for his student because he had failed Robby. Johnny made several mistakes before and during the events of Cobra Kai season 1, all of which pushed Robby away. Being a Cobra Kai sensei helped Johnny overcome those mistakes just like training with Daniel LaRusso helped Robby repurpose his anger toward Johnny. That is why having Johnny Lawrence now train Robby is so important for both characters. More than karate skills, Johnny training Robby will close a storyline that goes back to Cobra Kai season 1 and could even work as the conclusion to Cobra Kai.

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