Cobra Kai Season 5 Made The “Best Fighter” Debate More Confusing

The fights in Cobra Kai season 5 made the debate over the show’s best fighter even more confusing. It’s widely assumed that Chozen is the best martial artist in the series, and how well he handled himself against both Terry Silver and his job applicants certainly supported that notion. But while the show has certainly portrayed Chozen as a force to be reckoned with, there were enough moments in season 5 to cast doubt on the assertion that he’s superior to all other Cobra Kai fighters.

After Cobra Kai season 5, the series has multiple candidates for the title. In one of the season’s most surprising fights, Mike Barnes went up against Chozen and seemed perfectly capable of holding his own against The Karate Kid Part II villain. The battle didn’t last long enough for a clear winner to emerge, but with the way they fought, it’s worth wondering if Chozen and Mike Barnes are actually equals. Barnes potentially being on Chozen’s level (or higher) would make sense to a degree, especially when considering that he won a national karate tournament in his youth and was regarded as a martial arts prodigy in The Karate Kid Part III.

Daniel & Johnny May Be As Good As Chozen Now

Prior to the new season, there was good reason to suspect that Chozen is better at martial arts than Johnny and Daniel. After all, Chozen did defeat Daniel without too much difficulty in season 3. And since Cobra Kai season 4 proved that Daniel and Johnny are on par with each other, it stood to reason that Chozen would beat Johnny as well. But now, there’s much less certainty concerning the gap between Chozen and the other two characters. Both Daniel and Johnny had standout fights in the season 5 finale that greatly improved their images.

A few episodes after suffering a humiliating loss to Silver, Daniel came back to get a decisive victory over the villain in the finale. While it could be argued that Silver was weakened by his preceding fight with Chozen, Daniel’s performance in the fight was impressive enough to make him a contender for Cobra Kai’s best fighter. The same can be said for Johnny, who showed a new side of himself during the epic brawl in Terry Silver’s house. It’s hard to imagine any character matching the beatdown Johnny was able to unleash on Chozen’s top minions.

Cobra Kai’s Best Fighter Isn’t Terry Silver

While it’s true that Cobra Kai season 5 made the “best fighter” debate more complicated, it did remove at least one name from contention permanently. Terry Silver made a strong case for himself being the show’s top martial artist when he easily disposed of Johnny in a season 4 episode. In fact, there was some question over whether or not Chozen would have the skills to match up with him if they fought. But what happened in the Cobra Kai season 5 finale not only erased any lingering doubts about Chozen being above Silver, but also confirmed that Daniel can beat him too.

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