Cobra Kai: 10 Quotes That Prove Sam Is Actually A Villain

Cobra Kai has introduced a new generation to The Karate Kid. But at its heart is a brand-new story with new teenage characters dealing with their own coming-of-age challenges. Among them is Samantha LaRusso who is, by and large, a sweet, kind young woman.

But looking at situations from different perspectives, and some of the things she has done and particularly said, Sam isn’t a complete angel. Some of her words were justified, but the harshness of things said by, to, and about Sam prove that she’s a villain as much as she is a hero.

It’s not this part of the quote that proves Sam is a villain, it’s what she said after it. “You’re a 50-something-year-old man who lives alone, drinks all day, and clearly hasn’t figured out his own life.” She was speaking these words to Johnny Lawrence, of course.

Considering Sam irresponsibly drove with her friends, crashed into his car, then left the scene of the crime, she was in no position to speak to him that way. What’s more, she showed disrespect by saying these things to an adult.

Yes, it was Tory who first said these words. But fans might forget that Sam later said them right back to her. She had every right to given what Tory did to her. However, the timing was wrong. “I don’t know what game you’re playing, but I’m not scared of you. You’re not in control here, I am,” she told Tory when her rival came back to school, apologetic for what she had done.

Tory told Sam she heard it was Sam’s approval that let her back in school. But Sam showed her vengeful, unforgiving side when she told Tory that while her parents Daniel and Amanda might fall for Tory’s “bulls**t, if you so much as look at me funny, I will kick your ass for a third time.” Considering even Amanda had warmed to Tory by that time, with one of the things Redditors wanting to see in season 6 of Cobra Kai being Amanda further helping Tory, Sam has historically been less forgiving.

“Seems Like You’re Always Behind Me In Line…”

This was a snarky thing to say, followed by “first Miguel, now Robby. I have a half-eaten cupcake if you want some.” Sam showed a mean streak with this line that poked fun at the fact that both Miguel and Robby dated Tory only after being with Sam first.

It was particularly villainous given that the source of much of Tory’s anger was that she saw Sam and Miguel kissing when Miguel was dating her. Despite what Tory did, Sam still should have shown some remorse and shame for what she did.

“I Never Should’ve Hung Out With Someone Like Yasmine In The First Place.”

After telling Aisha she was her “oldest friend,” Sam expressed regret for having abandoned her. This was a good thing, however, it also reminds fans what Sam did in the first place. She found a new group of “cool” friends, hung out with them, and began seeing and talking to Aisha less and less.

When her new “mean girl” friends made fun of Aisha in public, Sam didn’t do anything to help. She just stood back, afraid to upset her new friends, and watched. It proved she wasn’t all good.


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