Chris Cornell never criticized Matt Cameron’s drumming, to which he is pleased

Former Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron stated in a recent interview on Rick Beato’s YouTube channel that Chris Cornell never commented on his drumming because he trusted his musical instincts. Despite the fact that Chris Cornell was best known for being the lead singer of bands such as Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden, and Audioslave, he also played drums early in his career. Cornell played both drums and vocals when, in 1984, he co-founded Soundgarden with guitarist Kim Thayil and bassist Hiya Yamamoto. However, the band subsequently recruited Scott Sundquist as the new drummer because they desired Cornell to focus more on his vocals. When Sundquist left the band to spend more time with his family, permanent drummer Matt Cameron joined the group. During a recent conversation, the interviewer wanted to know if Cornell would ever discuss his drumming as the band’s founding drummer.

Cameron stated that Cornell never criticized his drumming or suggested a different approach. The drummer believes that they mutually admired each other’s musical abilities, so he is aware that Chris Cornell always appreciated his contributions to the band’s sound. The late singer had faith in his bandmate’s musical instincts, so he did not need to express any disapproval. Matt Cameron did not forget to laud Cornell’s drumming skills by describing his recorded parts as ‘excellent.’ The interviewer questioned: Given that Chris is a drummer, Cameron answered:

“Yeah.” Again, the interviewer: “Would he ever say, ‘Hey, Matt, how about playing this?’ or has he ever contributed to the drumming? “He never uttered a word, right?” Cameron responded:  “No, he did not speak, which is so mind-boggling. I believe it was in part due to mutual respect; we both appreciated what the other brought to the table. I believe he simply liked what I was doing. He had confidence in my instincts as a bandmate, musician, and songwriter. No, I mean no, that never happened, but on the other hand, some of his demos featured him playing drums or programming that I followed to the letter because they were so goddamn good. For me, it is all about ensuring that the part fits the song as well as possible.”  The remainder of the conversation can be viewed below.

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