Chloe, the wife of Rob Trujillo, has announced the release of a new EP featuring rock, metal, and pop tracks

Chloe Trujillo, the fashion designer and musician wife of Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo, has recently announced her new EP ‘Heavy Peace’ on her official Instagram account. She informed her audience that the EP would consist of rock, metal, and pop tracks. Rob Trujillo has pursued a career with Metallica since 2003, and Chloe Trujillo is interested in pursuing a similar path. She tested the waters of the music industry on Soundcloud several years ago. Although these songs were merely demos, many individuals praised her talent.

She entered the music industry professionally in 2016, releasing her debut studio album ‘Ivresse’ with thirteen tracks. In 2021, Chloe released her second studio album, ‘Mothers Of A New Nation,’ with the lead single ‘Tide.’ In 2022, Chloe released three singles titled ‘Mana,’ ‘The Heaviest Sound Is Silence,’ and ‘A Ladder to the Sun’ in collaboration with Mark Dalbeth, aka Rav Medic.

Recently, she released her debut EP, titled ‘Heavy Peace,’ on which she collaborated with Rav Medic once more. The musician informed her audience that the album contains rock, metal, and acoustic pop songs. She thanked each of her coworkers by mentioning their names. The entire EP will be released by Golden Robot Records on August 19. On her Instagram, Chloe Trujillo announced her debut EP. “Excited to announce the release of Chloe Trujillo / Rav Medic’s debut EP. This was the result of considerable effort. The record contains Rock, Metal, Acoustic, and Pop tracks. Special thanks to Adam Zaffarese’s incredible drumming, Ian at Monican Audio’s engineering, and Luke Pimentel’s mastering.”

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