Why Nancy Sinatra Didn’t Let Her Cover of The Beatles’ ‘Something’ ‘Die in the Vault’

nancy sinatra

A rendition of The Beatles’ “Something” by Nancy Sinatra is the epitome of a 1960s vibe. Yet, it wasn’t until 2013 that Sinatra graced us with her unique take on the song. Curiously, the renowned “Sugar Town” songstress didn’t express much about George Harrison, the genius behind “Something.” In 2013, Sinatra’s album “Shifting Gears” unveiled … Read more

Led Zeppelin on Greta Van Fleet, a Band Accused of Copying Them

greta and robert plant

Greta Van Fleet stands as a contemporary pillar in the hard rock scene, garnering both admiration and skepticism. Many appreciate them for reigniting the embers of classic rock, while some critics argue they mirror legendary bands too closely, especially Led Zeppelin. A good number of Greta Van Fleet critiques inevitably draw parallels with Led Zeppelin. … Read more